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Mile High Women’s Clinic is a full-service OB/GYN and abortion center in Denver, Colorado. Our staff includes both male and female board-certified gynecologists, some of whom have almost 40 years of experience performing safe, effective abortions. While our office is in the Denver area, we provide service to patients who travel to us from all over the country. It is both our policy and our personal mission to provide compassionate, patient-focused care at an affordable price for all. 

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Abortion Services Available

We offer two forms of abortion at our clinic — medical and surgical. The right option for you depends largely on the length of gestation at the time of the procedure as well as your own convictions and general health. Both methods are generally safe and highly effective and will have you feeling back to normal within a couple of days to weeks.

Our team treats our abortion services like emergency care. If you don’t feel you are in need of pre-service counseling, it is not necessary. That said, our counselors are happy to speak with anyone who may want some guidance.

Medical Abortions

The medical abortion option is available to anyone who is up to 11 weeks pregnant. This procedure consists of taking a pill at home, and our doctors will guide you through what you can expect during your consultation at our office. Our goal is to provide you with realistic, accurate information about this service so you can make the right decision for yourself.

Surgical Abortions

Our surgical abortion services are available until you are past 16 weeks pregnant. This minimally invasive surgical procedure is a fast, low-risk option for anyone in the first half of their pregnancy. A surgical appointment can last about 45 minutes, with the procedure itself lasting about 10 minutes. Please feel free to bring someone to support you during the process if you would like, such as a family member, friend or partner.

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Mile High Women’s Clinic will ensure you have a safe, private appointment complete with all the support you need before, during and after the procedure. If you’re seeking an abortion, you know time is of the essence. That’s why we strive to schedule all appointments within 48 hours of first contact.

For more information on our clinic and services, visit our new patient information page or call us at 303-407-9004. We can answer any questions you have, including insurance and financing concerns, and guide you to our convenient, private location in Denver for your treatment. Call us today to get started.