Do You Need Parent Permission for an Abortion?

do you need your parents permission to get an abortion

The parental consent laws for abortion can be confusing, especially since they vary by state. Colorado is one of the safest states for people to get an abortion, which is why we set up Mile High Women’s Clinic practices in Denver. We follow the Colorado government guidelines when minors are involved.

Our team is here to talk you through Colorado’s parental consent laws and help you while keeping your private information private.

Parental notification

Abortion Laws, Parental Consent and Notification

Today, abortion laws are constantly changing. If they apply to you, it’s essential to stay up to date on the laws in your area and how they might affect you. You should also understand one major wording difference in abortion notification laws — parental consent vs. parental notification.

Parental consent means that a parent or guardian must approve an abortion before it takes place on the minor in their care. Parental notification does not give parents a say in their child’s choice to get an abortion. A parental notification requirement means the doctor must send written notification to the minor’s guardians before performing the abortion.

Parental Consent and Notification in Colorado

In Colorado, you do not need parent permission to get an abortion. However, state law does require that your doctor notify your parents or guardians 48 hours before your abortion appointment, based on the 2003 Colorado Parental Notification Act

This law applies to anyone under the age of 18 seeking an abortion, except in certain circumstances. If you are 17 and scheduling an abortion but will be 18 during the appointment, the law does not apply. Some extenuating circumstances allow minors to bypass this law, such as:

  • Legally emancipated minors
  • Minors that obtain a judicial bypass or a court order
  • Minors that have reported child abuse at the hand of their guardians
  • Minors with an immediate medical emergency

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