When Can You Get an Abortion?

when can you get an abortion

There is much to consider when you’re met with an unplanned pregnancy. Perhaps abortion has crossed your mind, but you want to weigh all of your options first. Or, maybe you’ve made up your mind and hope to go through with an abortion as soon as possible. 

In either case, you’re likely wondering about the time frame for abortions — the earliest you can get one and when it is too late for an abortion. Mile High Women’s Clinic is here to help answer those questions.

How Early Can You Get an Abortion?

Although it varies by state, you can have an abortion in Colorado as soon as you realize you’re pregnant. Typically, this is when you’re about four to six weeks pregnant. You’ll likely have missed a period by then, and a pregnancy test will have more accurate results.

When you decide on abortion in the first ten weeks of your pregnancy, you’ll be able to choose whether you want a medical or surgical abortion. Medical abortions involve taking medication, usually at home or wherever you feel most comfortable. The surgical procedure we use is called dilation and curettage (D&C). It’s a short in-office procedure where we remove the uterine lining, after which you’ll be able to go home and recover.

How Late Can You Get An Abortion?

It’s important to note that, as with early-term abortions, the latest you can get an abortion varies by state, and many states have drastically different guidelines. Colorado is one of only seven states in the United States that have no term restrictions for abortions.

If you’re past 11 weeks pregnant, your option is limited to the surgical abortion procedure. At Mile High Women’s Clinic, we perform in-house abortions for pregnancies up to 22 weeks gestation. If you’re further along, we’ll refer you to a local hospital. If you want, one of our physicians can come with you and complete the procedure there.

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